huck & leni.

huck & leni creator lindsey has always had a love for fashion & design. her mama used to joke with her babysitters that she was only allowed to change clothes "ONE time." evidently it was apparent from an early age that dressing for her mood was something that came naturally to lindsey, and with that, the need to have an array of outfit choices at her fingertips was not only fantastic, it was absolutely necessary. i mean, duh. 

as she grew older, she developed her own unique personal style & as her confidence grew her need to change outfits at the drop of a hat diminished. she credits this style confidence to her mama who was always quick to offer advice. the phrase " can do better" was said often & pushed lindsey to learn to dress for herself, rather than for anyone else.  she now lives by the phrase when you feel good, you look good. 

lindsey believes that style is about personal expression & uniqueness. because, after all...a woman should be true to herself--in fashion as well as in life.

xo \\ linds