Wardrobe Consulting: 

Holding onto clothes from years (or {gasp!} decades) ago? Find yourself uttering the phrase "UGH! I have nothing to wear!" on a weekly (or daily) basis? Constantly wearing the same thing over and over despite a closet full of clothes? 

Allow me to ReWork, ReVamp and ReCreate your wardrobe! 

ReWork : In need of some serious organization? I will come into your closet and guide you through the process of cleaning out and organizing your wardrobe. Together we will decide what to KEEP, what to CONSIGN and what to DONATE. In the end you will have an organized wardrobe with pieces you feel confident wearing. 

ReVamp : You have the clothes...you just aren't sure exactly how to style them. Allow me to walk you through outfits by "shopping your closet." I will help you pull together 10-20 different looks. Each look will be photographed and stored in your closet so your busy or "I have nothing to wear!" days become stress free! 

ReCreate : Just totally over it and looking to have a "wardrobe do-over?". This package is the total shopping experience and will combine elements of the previous two services plus will add personal shopping! I will give you suggestions for 5 staple pieces for each season and will help you shop those looks! Together, we will build your wardrobe with essentials and expand from there. This is the ultimate way to tailor your wardrobe to fit your style and personality!

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Personal Shopping: 

Great Expectations: Have a special event coming up and hoping to look your best? Allow me to help you pull together a look for you or for the entire family (helloooooo, family photographs)!! Together we will hit the racks and I will guide your shopping experience! You will leave with a look and a "set style"! Packages start at $150

Travel Companion : Have a trip coming up but at a loss for what to bring? Always over or under packing for your vacation? This service will take all of that stress away! I will guide you through packing and even help you pack your suitcase. Each outfit will be organized in a way you will feel confident your look will be exactly what you were going for...even halfway around the world! Packages start at $125

Essential Extras : Have a look but missing the shoes & accessories? Allow me to help you acquire a few staple pieces that can easily be pulled together to complete almost any look! I will show you how to style each piece whether you are looking to dress it up or down! Details can make or break an outfit--let me help you be a showstopper! Packages start at $75

Web Wanderer : Do you love Pinterest or perusing online shopping but aren't quite sure what looks are worth it or maybe where to even begin? Allow me to help you organize your online wardrobe searches. After a consultation, I will create a Pinterest board tailored directly to your style and interests. This will make online shopping quicker and easier...who doesn't love that? Packages start at $75

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Interior Design: 

Room Renovation: Have a room in mind and a budget in place but seriously stressed out about how to decorate? From the flooring to the curtains and every thing in between, allow me to guide your interior style into a space you are proud to show off. 

Details, Details, Details: Need some sprucing up? Small changes can make a BIG difference. From throw pillows to rugs to accessories and styling I will help you transform your space into something unique and updated. 

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